Social and spiritual upliftment are the two eyes of Indian society. Our ethos deeply reflects these ideals in everything we do, our Trust being no exception. Several initiatives have been taken up by us over the years, culminating in our efforts being recognized as an important force in the rural belt between Tenkasi to Ambasamudram.

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Go Samrakshanam

One of our earliest projects was to shelter cows. Cows, revered as Go-matha, are central to the cultural and economic ethos of rural India. In village homes and temples alike - a day begins with the cow. For families the hours meander along with feeding and bathing it, and finally ends with petting it to sleep. The cow provides livelihood to thousands of dairy practitioners. To support the cow, and have it support humans in turn, a large cow shelter facility has been setup in Mannarkovil. Several small acreages with sheds have been set up to house the cows themselves along with their feed and other paraphernalia. The Goshala (cow-shelter) that is being operated here focuses on protecting native breeds that are slowly becoming endangered. There is also support for rehabilitating injured cows and those being illegally sent to slaughterhouses.
ஆநிரை காத்தல்

Women Empowerment

Women are the backbone of a house, and consequently society. To empower them socially and economically means to empower entire households to prosper. In and around Mannarkovil village, our Trust has setup several initiatives to help women find means of livelihood that can help support them and their families. Several initiatives needed to upskill them, such as stitching classes and computer literacy programs have been taken up. These are done in tandem with local charitable organizations and benefit the women through knowledge-sharing and employment opportunities.
மகளிர் மேம்பாடு

Serving Underprivileged

It is a common sight in villages to be filled with folks who have not been exposed to (m)any opportunities. One of the goals of our trust has been to bridge the gap between these two groups. Towards this end, we have spent a lot of effort in bringing news and scope of skilling, education, and scope for work to people living in these areas. We also invest in Ayurvedic practices and procuring medicines that can arrest any conditions caused by viral infections. We are in touch with several medical teams who practice both Ayurveda and Allopathic medicine to help provide the best medical care to anyone in the Ambasamudram-Tenkasi regions. Support is also extended to many people who are practicing folk arts such as musicians who live in these rural and remote areas. They receive support in the form of provisions, vegetables, rice, and other basic necessities. They are also wilfully engaged in services in temples in and around the Tirunelveli region.
வறியார்க்கு ஈதல்

Tribal Advancement

One of the highlights of these programs has been our ability to reach Tribal dwellings in the foothills of the Western Ghats that border Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Those living in these remote Tribal hamlets have benefitted from the activities of our Trust greatly. The residents of these places travel far to reach local schools. They have very little access to modern facilities such as lighting and water. Our Trust has extended support in many forms such as providing solar lamps, meeting tuition expenses, aiding with transport, etc.
பழங்குடியினர் முன்னேற்றம்

Educational Assistance

Hundreds of young students in several villages are the proud recipients of the Education Assistance extended by our Trust. Numerous inhabitants of villages, who are all first-generation literates in their respective families, are able to pursue continued education, thanks to the support extended by our Trust. We are currently providing financial assistance towards tuition and also engaging additional coaching opportunities by appointing teachers for these rural villages, finding safe spaces for the community as a whole to study in the evenings, and providing support for electrification where needed.

Bala Vidya

One of the important spiritual activities the Trust is undertaking is to introduce our traditions of Sanatana Dharma to first-time learners, in particular children of villages. Those living in cities have so much opportunity to learn some aspects of our customs and traditions because of the large concentration of population and available opportunities, but children in villages are not having access to systematic mentorship. To facilitate the need for spiritual awakening in these parts and the rejuvenation of the Sanatana spirit among our village folks, we are organizing regular classes in many villages. We are procuring books, preparing teaching aids, and inviting scholars to speak at various places in order to spread the word of our Rishis, Azhwars, and Acharyas. We believe that there will be prosperity for all the families of these villages as they learn and adopt the traditions of Sanatana Dharma more actively.

Serving Remote village temples

India is said to live in its villages. Sanatana Dharma too, can be considered to live through the temples in these villages. Unfortunately, many temples with hoary traditions, are falling out of active service due to lack of upkeep. This is leading to a crumbling of traditions at the village level, which paves the way for many unwanted elements to surface. One of the activities of the Trust is to rehabilitate the temples in these villages by providing the opportunity, manpower, and financial support. We are introducing a paid program for those willing to take up priestly duties in villages as a form of employment. We are able to provide training in priestly duties and extend support in the form of a monthly stipend, in addition to providing groceries and provisions for the upkeep of the temple and temple staff.
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